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Custom Orders

Custom orders take 4-8 weeks.
Ordering sold out designs from my online store might be faster if I have the necessary glass in stock.

I will work with you to design your bespoken glass. We will confirm the size, shape, colors and design in together.

For an extra charge, I can provide samples of the glass for your project before production begins. Just keep in mind that glass, by its very nature is unique and a bit unpredictable. Whether you review colors displayed online or in person, the actual colors in your finished piece may vary from any samples.       

I can create multiple pieces for you with the same design. Maybe you want a set of plates. Maybe you crave platters or plates that share the same look but are different sizes. I can do all of that. Each piece will be unique yet cohesive. Each individual bespoken piece can be handcrafted just for you. 

I work with hundreds of different glass colors and forms. I don’t keep everything in stock at all times. When I receive custom orders, I review both my current glass inventory and kiln schedules to determine how long your bespoken project will take to create. I can then estimate production dates for your specific project. 

Kiln time required for your project is not scheduled into my production system until your project is paid in full and all required materials are on site at my studio. 

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