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meet suzanne & kona

I’ve always been an artist. As a child, a brand new big box of crayons made me giddy. The smell of a fresh box still brings me joy.

I never considered art as a career when I was younger. My family strongly encouraged a foundation in less creative endeavors and a good education. My resume includes an MBA from UC Berkeley and a career that spans both large and small companies. My hands down favorite high tech employer was Apple Computer.

In 1999 I felt a strong pull towards a more creative endeavor. I had not embraced my inner artist yet. I had more confidence in my marketing and technology skills so I developed the first software product for rubber stamp artists. Along the way I befriended an incredibly creative artist and best-selling author. She wanted to make her first video.

embracing creativity

With my high tech background, she was convinced that I was the perfect person to produce it. My only video experience was watching video. It was time to watch a LOT of craft videos! She was right. I watched countless poorly produced videos. We could do better. I went all in.

I have worked with some incredibly talented artists. They inspire me and my work in countless ways.

I produced an educational DVD library for the hobby and craft industry. I’ve also helped numerous clients tell their stories via graphic design, website development and video production. My work has been recognized with several awards for design, video and television production.

2020 changed the world

I took a short road trip to visit a stained glass store. I bought some glass and imagined the beautiful stepping stones I would make. My next stop was Bullseye Resource Center. The minute I entered the door, my world changed. My gut response was visceral … although I could not yet articulate it, I found my tribe. I finally found my artist medium.

artist in residence

Step one was to design a workshop in my garage. See how I crafted my glass studio. I already have a studio indoors. That’s great for sewing, painting, and designing. If a piece of fabric falls off of a countertop, no one gets hurt. Glass is a different beast. Shards fly everywhere! Glass work needs a more practical setting.

Glass tickles both sides of my brain constantly … the artist can’t wait to play with this mesmerizing medium … the geek evaluates glass chemistry and heat formulas daily.

glass is my zen

I place numerous individual piece of glass in the kiln. The kiln magically marries them overnight. Every morning is Christmas morning. I eagerly spring out of bed to see what treasures and lessons my kiln has fused. Bits and pieces now radiate with both form and function. Glass colors change. Designs come to life. Warm glass evokes wonder and joy every morning.

The response to my work inspires me. I’m proud that my glass is featured at the Gallery of Art & Culture in Crescent City (a wonderful gallery brimming with scrumptious art). I am honored to have my glass included in multiple exhibits at the Morris Graves Museum of Art. You never know when my art might be displayed, from banks to botanical gardens.

There are few things more fulfilling in life than discovering that your passion touches other people. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and my glass adventures.