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glass art handcrafted
in Humboldt, California
bespoken glass™

Art glass mesmerizes:
as light dances with glass,
its reflections dazzle and shift with the sun,
its personality magically evolving as the day unfolds.

bespoken glass marries glass in unique and inspired ways.

My art glass
is fused into countless shapes,
from dishes to home décor.

My Studio

bespoken glass is handcrafted in my Humboldt, California studio. Nestled between the redwoods and the Pacific Ocean, creative inspiration is everywhere. Sometimes the journey begins with a design concept. Other times the glass itself inspires design. I work with hundreds of luscious glass colors, patterns and forms. Peek inside my studio.

My Glass

bespoken glass is unique. Each piece has its own personality. Fused glass is 1/4″ thick … handled with care it will last a lifetime.

Glass itself has several special properties … individuality is part of the magic of glass: 

Colors and patterns vary within a single glass sheet.

Air bubbles naturally appear when glass is fused. Bubble sizes and locations vary from piece to piece.

Handmade work never has the complete uniformity that is cranked out by a machine.

My glass and molds are all handmade.